Brittany Speaks!

“Why the hay would a good old South-Western girl be a socialist? Glad you asked, it’s because I believe in American values such as freedom, equality and liberty.

Freedom means the freedom to vote for who represents you, freedom to sleep in bed at night without fear, freedom to send mail without it being looked at by some No Such Agency.

Equality means that all men and women were born inherently equal on this earth, and deserve recognition for their achievements, genius, and the equality of opportunity to accomplish what they were meant to.

Liberty to mean means that all get to express themselves openly and honestly, that one can cross borders without fear of being out of place, and that one doesn’t have to worry about wealth to truly make a difference in this world.

I’m Brittany Holmes, a Colorado member of the Socialist Party USA, and those are the reasons why I am a socialist.”

Socialist Party USA member Brittany Holmes