One Step Closer…

Final word about the State Assembly campaign. We are soooooo happy at the moment. In a district of 466,000 and 246,000 registered voters, we pulled 2.5 percent of the vote (725 total votes) with a message that pulled no punches in its call for revolution. In a campaign that saw candidates spend over one million dollars, we were able to pull this off spending just a couple grand and making many of …the mistakes that you might expect from a first-time campaign. We were outspent by 200 to 1 by the winner (she received over $59,000 from big oil), who ended up with 16 times our vote total. This was our first time as the L.A. Local trying something like this, and we learned a lot. Yes, we made mistakes – mistakes that we will correct. What we learned will not only help us with future electoral campaigns, but it will help to guide our strategic planning as we continue to organize our work. Feeling really inspired! This capitalist machine WILL crack. I don’t mean to imply that it will crack solely through the ballot box. The ballot box is, in my opinion, just one of many approaches and strategies we can choose. But we do know that one out of forty voters in the 62nd district chose to cast a vote for socialism! In a day that saw the Socialist Party USA charter a new local in North Carolina and saw its membership grow in CA, I think that we can send another message to capitalism’s cutman: pack a lunch because Team Capitalism is going DOWN!


Scott Tucker: Free Elections or Business as Usual: Los Angeles News Group or Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce? – Truthdig

“Sure, the Los Angeles News Group can do whatever it damn well pleases—as long as it does nothing that truly displeases big business and the capitalist parties. Like giving an honest socialist a fair chance to reach a wider public.”

Read Scott Tucker’s piece on Truthdig here:

Scott Tucker: Free Elections or Business as Usual: Los Angeles News Group or Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce? – Truthdig.

Mimi Owns the Dems!

Check out the pics and some comments made by folks at the Candidate Forum!

– “You were the only one up there who made sense.”

– “What a breath of fresh air! You had all the students on your side.”

– “If you were my son, I would have been very proud of you.” (Father of one of the other candidates.)

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Hear Mimi Speak at the Candidate Forum!

Come see Mimi on Wednesday, April 30 at 6pm!

UCLA and Loyola Marymount are hosting a candidates forum at LMU’s Roski Dining Room. All of the other candidates running for State Assembly in the 62nd District will be attending, and your support would be most appreciated!

Here is the link to register for the event, which is open to the public:

Here is the Facebook Event Page, Join us!