Our Campaign is Endorsed By:

AJ Segneri – Former Co-Chair of the Green Party of the United States

Chris Williams – long-time environmental activist and author of Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis. He is chair of the science department at Packer Collegiate Institute and adjunct professor at Pace University in the Department of Chemistry and Physical Science.

David McReynolds – long time peace activist with the War Resisters League and the 198https://mimiforstateassembly.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=126&action=edit0 and 2000 Socialist Party USA Presidential candidate

Daniel Olmos – Professor at California State University, Channel Islands

Dan La Botz – teacher, writer, and activist. Dan is also a member of the Socialist Party USA and Solidarity and was the Socialist Party USA candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio (2010)

Democratic Socialists of America, Los Angeles Chapter

Diane Gee – Host of Wild Wild Left

Edwin L. Laing – lawyer, longtime democratic socialist, and author of “You Don’t Have to be a Saint to be a Socialist”

Pat Noble – 2011 Monmouth County Freeholder candidate and Socialist Party USA National Treasurer

Robert D. Skeels — social justice writer, public education advocate, and immigrant rights activist. Runner up in the 2013 LAUSD School Board election.

Scott Tucker – Writer

Steven Soltysik – City of Carson Teacher of the Year, 2011

Valley College Socialists – Los Angeles Valley College Political Education Student Club


Our Campaign is NOT Endorsed By:

Barack Obama – The President of the United States of America

Hillary Clinton – War

Joe Arpaio – Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff

Ted Nugent – Musician

The Walton Family – Founders/Owners of Walmart

Ronald Reagan – Dead

Ken Ham – Folklorist

Corrections Corporation of America – For-Profit Prisons

Dick Cheney – War Criminal

Ted Cruz – Comedian