The Lives of Workers are Worth a Fair Fight


The owners of big banks and corporations are waging a class war on the poor, the unemployed, and the working class. Workers have every right to wage a fair fight for a living wage, and for decent conditions on the job and in daily life.

A Living Wage: Workers deserve the full value of our labor. Instead, we pay the heaviest price for a system that puts profits before people. The bosses of big business claim to be “job providers,” but they threaten to shut down our workplaces when we demand fair wages for our work. We demand a living wage for every worker without exception, beginning at fifteen dollars an hour. A living wage means we can pay our bills, and still enjoy a life of dignity.

When banks steal our homes and corporations steal our jobs, the bosses always say that they are keeping the economy “competitive.” This only means that workers are being forced to compete against each other, rather than joining together in a fair fight for decent work and wages. Whether you work in a factory or in an office, whether you work in a hospital or in a hotel, your life is worth more than any amount of money.
But we must make a beginning. A living wage is one good way to begin a fair fight for the dignity of all workers.

Education for All: Workers deserve the best education, from early childhood on through high school and college. All students deserve safe classrooms in well maintained buildings, and all teachers deserve good wages and respect. Quality meal programs and basic health care clinics belong in every school. All books and materials required for classes should be publicly funded.

Education is a basic social contract between generations, and the failure to give young people a good start in life is a social crime. Social funding for universal education is in itself an education in social solidarity.

Public Transit for All: Workers deserve safe travel between home, work, and school. Workers often spend long hours on buses and subways, and pay the price from our own pockets. Transportation is a basic necessity for work and daily life. All forms of land transportation should be safe, clean and publicly funded. A public fund for air travel should also be provided to workers, on the basis of fair rules and urgent need. Air travel is presently very toxic and wasteful of energy, so we must develop cleaner forms of energy and travel.

A modern system of train travel deserves national funding, and heavy freight should move on separate rail lines whenever possible. City planners should always consider easing the distance between housing and workplaces, and should consider the safest possible routes for bicycles and pedestrians.

Prisons for Real Crimes, and Community Control of Police: Workers deserve a truly just system of justice. Instead, workers often suffer under a system of law that hits the poor with the heaviest penalties for small crimes, and lets the rich get away with grand theft and war crimes. Under capitalism, the building of prisons has became a growth industry in some states. All too many jail cells are now filled with the poor, the unemployed, and people suffering from illness and addiction. The racist bias of this legal system also puts far too many people of color behind bars.

Those who commit serious crimes deserve some restriction of freedom, but they also deserve social solidarity. The brutal spirit of revenge makes our prison system a moral disgrace. The death penalty is barbaric and must be abolished in every state. Each community deserves safety and security, but the police must serve the public under the oversight and control of neighborhood councils.

Climate Change: The steady warming of our global climate is not an accident of one year or one season. The most toxic forms of energy, including industrial extraction of coal and gas, have become a bad bargain of the capitalist system. The price we pay in pollution, in disease, and in backward forms of transportation has become too expensive. What the capitalists call the “free market” is a system that puts private profit above the health and safety of the great majority of working people. Global warming results in extreme weather of all kinds, across all borders and seasons. Regional droughts and blistering summers are more frequent, and so are deeper freezes and more punishing winter storms. Millions of people already suffer from violent storms and hurricanes, and millions more may become refugees from drought and rising sea levels. A profit driven economic system is burning down our common home, the planet earth.

Workers must seize control of our workplaces and of our public life. Only the workers of the world can create democracy and socialism within and beyond all national borders. Only the working class has the power to place the common good above private profit. A new global climate of common sense and solidarity also gives new meaning to our call for solidarity: Workers of the world, unite!

The Socialist Party of the United States is the oldest party of democratic socialism in this country. Our members are committed to peace, workplace democracy, and ecological common sense. We fight for fair elections and open political debates. Beyond election days, we defend the lives and rights of workers every day of every year. We welcome you to join the Socialist Party, and to support Mimi Soltysik as our party’s candidate for California’s 62nd State Assembly District in 2014.




Scott Tucker, Socialist Party Los Angeles Local


One Step Closer…

Final word about the State Assembly campaign. We are soooooo happy at the moment. In a district of 466,000 and 246,000 registered voters, we pulled 2.5 percent of the vote (725 total votes) with a message that pulled no punches in its call for revolution. In a campaign that saw candidates spend over one million dollars, we were able to pull this off spending just a couple grand and making many of …the mistakes that you might expect from a first-time campaign. We were outspent by 200 to 1 by the winner (she received over $59,000 from big oil), who ended up with 16 times our vote total. This was our first time as the L.A. Local trying something like this, and we learned a lot. Yes, we made mistakes – mistakes that we will correct. What we learned will not only help us with future electoral campaigns, but it will help to guide our strategic planning as we continue to organize our work. Feeling really inspired! This capitalist machine WILL crack. I don’t mean to imply that it will crack solely through the ballot box. The ballot box is, in my opinion, just one of many approaches and strategies we can choose. But we do know that one out of forty voters in the 62nd district chose to cast a vote for socialism! In a day that saw the Socialist Party USA charter a new local in North Carolina and saw its membership grow in CA, I think that we can send another message to capitalism’s cutman: pack a lunch because Team Capitalism is going DOWN!

Scott Tucker: Free Elections or Business as Usual: Los Angeles News Group or Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce? – Truthdig

“Sure, the Los Angeles News Group can do whatever it damn well pleases—as long as it does nothing that truly displeases big business and the capitalist parties. Like giving an honest socialist a fair chance to reach a wider public.”

Read Scott Tucker’s piece on Truthdig here:

Scott Tucker: Free Elections or Business as Usual: Los Angeles News Group or Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce? – Truthdig.

Mimi Owns the Dems!

Check out the pics and some comments made by folks at the Candidate Forum!

– “You were the only one up there who made sense.”

– “What a breath of fresh air! You had all the students on your side.”

– “If you were my son, I would have been very proud of you.” (Father of one of the other candidates.)

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Hear Mimi Speak at the Candidate Forum!

Come see Mimi on Wednesday, April 30 at 6pm!

UCLA and Loyola Marymount are hosting a candidates forum at LMU’s Roski Dining Room. All of the other candidates running for State Assembly in the 62nd District will be attending, and your support would be most appreciated!

Here is the link to register for the event, which is open to the public:

Here is the Facebook Event Page, Join us!